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Club Successes

Successful club placements

Arsenal Arsenal
3 Boys Trial At Arsenal Academy
5 Players Trial at Arsenal Academy
Sinatra Antwi
Ryan Walsh
Players Join Arsenal Pre Academy
Josh Robinson
Josh Nichols
Adam Montone
Kymani Smith-Daley
Antonio Bordusanv
Louis Koide
AFC Wimbledon AFC Wimbledon
Joe Scanlon
Edward Leach
Edward Leach
Barnet Barnet
Joe Devera
Elliot Charles
Warren McBean
Alex Dimatrov
Aaron Walker
Alex Dimitov as seen on I.T.V
Constantine Ivanov
Brentford Brentford
Nick & Marco Tavares
Niki Tavares
Charlton Athletic FC Charlton Athletic FC
Malachi Mbogba
Brighton Brighton
Zak Miles
Zak Miles
Chelsea Chelsea
Maxine Boardman
Three go on trial at Chelsea.
Basilio Reino
7 Players Trial at Chelsea.
Basilio Reino
Archie Chaplin
Teo Minchev
Hany Gaad
Ian Kanu
Colchester Colchester
Micheal O'Donogue
Tyler Williams
Crawley Town Crawley Town
Scott Melville
Crystal Palace Crystal Palace
Klaudie Lolas
Emmanuel Yeshua
Teo Minchev
Mohamed Salim
Conrad Ambursley
Fulham Fulham
Charlie Goutkin Smith
Monty Conway
Hearts Hearts
Ben Long
Ipswich Ipswich
Marty Gage
Oliver Keil
Northampton Northampton
Derek Asamoah
Liverpool Liverpool
Mason Tunbridge
Norwich Norwich
Tarik Gideree
Sinatra Antwi
Marty Gage
Ray Luca
Reading Reading
Michael Haynes
Diago Ferrera
Yaw Turkson
Jordan Greenridge
Blesk Epingyong
Rahim Wright-Keizer
Harvey Maunder
Basilio Rieno
Louis Koide
Southend United Southend United
Fynley Stangroom
Staines Staines
Kezie Ibe
Mark Nwokeji
Stevenage Stevenage
Steve Morison
Nick Salapatas
Bradley Smith
Tottenham Tottenham
Luke Medley
Chris Casey
Ajet Shehu
Alex Roye-Banton
Karrell Bafoe
West Ham West Ham
Caleb Dennis
Jacob Mazionis
Salivo Sidebe
Xavier Parker
Marty Gage signs for West ham
Watford Watford
Pilip Kastrati
Basilio Reino
Juventus Juventus
Alessandro Attisani

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Since setting up in 1995, we have been offering free trials in an academy that is linked to Category One premiership teams. Apply now to find out how we can help make your dreams come true!

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Protec Soccer Trials was set up by Pete Edwards to offer academy quality football training to the potential players of the future.  Protec are a Recognised F.A Charter standard centre With our close links to many of the country's top clubs, we are able to link players with leading scouts....the rest is up to you!


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